Experience new Windows 11 in Azure

If you are having an Azure Subscription and desire to have an hands on experience of Windows 11, then there’s a great news for you. Windows 11 Pro and Enterprise Images are available in preview for your new Azure Virtual Machine deployment.

Azure Activity data Connector for Azure Sentinel – Issue and solution

Azure Activity data Connector for Azure sentinel has recently been changed. As we know Microsoft is constantly focused on providing the best services to its customers, and in the process, they upgrade/change the underlying infrastructure/ procedure every now and then to ensure that all the services are working optimally.

PowerShell script to copy the Automation Account

I have created the below PowerShell script to copy the Runbooks from one Automation Account to another. The following steps are done: Exports the Runbooks to local directory.Creates a New Automation Account.Imports the Runbooks exported in step 1Creates a Run-As-Account for the new Automation Account.Creates credentials using the Azure Key Vault. This script is the…