Experience new Windows 11 in Azure

If you are having an Azure Subscription and desire to have an hands on experience of Windows 11, then there’s a great news for you. Windows 11 Pro and Enterprise Images are available in preview for your new Azure Virtual Machine deployment.

PowerShell script to copy the Automation Account

I have created the below PowerShell script to copy the Runbooks from one Automation Account to another. The following steps are done: Exports the Runbooks to local directory. Creates a New Automation Account. Imports the Runbooks exported in step 1 Creates a Run-As-Account for the new Automation Account. Creates credentials using the Azure Key Vault. […]

Own the Tenant Root Group

As I was trying to save some blueprints in Tenant Root Group, I was not able to do the same. I referred Microsoft Docs I came to know that I need some Role Assignments in place to perform the desired actions. But to my dismay, I was not allowed to see the details of the Tenant Root Group.